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Why your site is not ranking for any keyword

Do you have a site that is not ranking at all?

Why your site is not ranking for any keyword:Why your site is not ranking for any keywordCheck if your site has any of these below and remove it Immediately.

My story

When I started this site I wasn’t getting lots of traffic like I expected.
I wasn’t ranking for any keyword,but I thought it’s because my si.te did not have much backlinks and my dad is little,I never wrote a blog post myself I always copy from other sites and modify it, after 1 month my site was not even in the top,100 for any keyword,i watched a lot of youtube videos and one day i realized original content maters,i couldn’t even write a blog post so i got some ideas from my high competitors,then i wrote my first original blog post,immediately i started to rank for two unpopular keywords,even though i .was not getting any traffic from it i was happy,that’s when it got intersting not frustrating as it used to be.that’s why the first reason is original and not duplicate content.


You have a duplicate content-from other site,write original content

I once copied content from other sites as i wrote in my story above.i was not ranking for any keyword,then i used a duplicate content checker.i found out that i was not the only person copying content from that site,i found out that most of them do not rank for the keyword we all chasing,after writing an original content my post started to rank.

CONCLUSION:if you copy content from other source or other site’s,you are wasting your time because you’ll never rank,google will not index 10 result’s with the same content.


Your site is slow

If you have a site that loads more than 4 seconds,research shows more than 40% of your visitors will not come back to your site,especially when your competitors site is much more faster.nobody likes a slow site,if you are not a professional don’t worry we have a guide that will teach you everything here.

NOTE:Site speed is now a ranking factor for google


You have low or none backlink count

One of google’s biggest ranking factor is backlink,getting from other site’s tells google your site important and trustworthy,getting baacklinks from bigger sites are much better than getting numerous low links.sites with DA 50+ is powerful but DA 70+ is much more powerful,backlink is very important if you want to rank in google,you can learn everything about seo and backlinks here.


Choose your keyword wisely

If your just starting a blog and you’re trying to rank for big keywords like “google”,you’re wasting your time because it’ll take forever to get billions of backlinks,using keyword tools like semrush,kw finder,ubersuggest,ahrefs e.t.c,you can check the keyword difficulty which is {How easy it’ll be to rank for that keyword}.


We’ve just explained most reasons why your site is not ranking for any keyword.If your site does not have any of this reasons and you’re still not ranking for any keyword.You can CONTACT US or read our updated posts.


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