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Travel Guide For Maldives Diving Holidays

Author: Ruhii siddique

Travel Guide For Maldives Diving Holidays

Are you curious to enjoy some of the world’s most spectacular dive sites and view some of the most spectacular Maldives marine life? If the answer to this question is a yes, then diving holidays are best for you. Divers can reach the more remote dive sites which are perhaps not accessible by day boats from Maldives island resort by Maldives liveaboard holiday. Diving holidays give access to the divers for the biggest variety of dive sites which has innumerable atolls to offer.

Great for couples, single traveller’s, groups of buddies, a Maldives liveaboard holiday is an amazing experience to add a social aspect to the magnificent activities to your diving day and meet like-minded divers. Tourists can opt for primes dive sites in two or three of the Maldives’ atolls in a single Maldives liveaboard safari. Safaris may be either ranging for seven nights, ten nights, twelve nights, or even fourteen nights, but can be also extended to a 14-night safari to cover the entire region.

Itineraries in the Maldives usually are never fixed. The focus of the diving holiday is to safely reach the best diving and dive sites available at any given specific time. The route evolves depending on the weather conditions, season, and where the best diving has been in previous days. Classic Central Atolls is a seven-day itinerary sailing the Maldives’ Central Atolls which includes some, but not all, of the following; Felidhu Atoll, South and North Male Atolls, Rasdhoo, and Ari Atolls.

There is one thing to remember that even if a particular itinerary is confirmed travel in the Maldives, it can involve some long sea passages crossing open channels. The attempt for these will be at the discretion of the skipper who will take into account the crew and vessel, the safety of passengers, in addition to driving enjoyment. Getting around in the Maldives can be taken in three forms, seaplanes, boats, and private yachts. Luxury hotel Maldives is designed specifically for guests to seek quality service, romance in an idyllic location. Most luxury hotels in the Maldives have gourmet food, designer furniture, plasma television, and an overwater villa that is reachable only by rowboat. Usually, the prices charged at the luxury hotels in the Maldives are slightly higher as compared to the dive resorts and holiday resorts.

The culture of the Maldives is an amalgamation of Arab, South Indian, and Sinhalese influences. As almost all Maldivians are Sunni Muslims, everyday life in the islands follows Islamic precepts; therefore alcohol, pork, dogs, and the public display of other religions are strictly prohibited on the inhabited islands. When visiting mosques in the Maldives appropriate and modest clothing should be worn. However, all these restrictions are not applicable to the resort islands, thus tourists are allowed to act as they would like. Resorts by law rules require payment in hard currency. All resorts feature at least one restaurant, which serves the cuisine expected by customers. Local Maldivian food typically resembles Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine along with featuring fish.

The Maldives has long held the title for being the perfect romantic getaway, honeymoon spot and quite simply the ideal location for a relaxing and leisurely holiday spent lazing on sun-kissed beaches and watching enchanting sunsets as night draws in.

In the recent past, however, Maldives has become one of the top locations for water sports enthusiasts. Even in terms of water sports Maldives was popular for its diving, snorkeling, and other marine life and aqua culture-related activities. However, adventure water sports like kitesurfing, parasailing, surfing, and windsurfing are wholly new experiences that have fast caught up interests among enthusiasts worldwide.

A crazy Maldivian night begins at the seaside bars of the luxurious resorts where ear-piercing music is played, especially jazz numbers. It is a hit among the resorts all over the island and adds to the charm of the sparkling nightlife. One striking addition to the nightlife of Maldives is that the pubs here host myriad cultural programs, funny crab races, and astonishing magical shows to entertain its multicultural audience, and to let the audience enjoy the nightlife with a tangy difference.

Windsurfing is a unique combination of leisurely, mostly freestyle, non-rule-based surfing and more rigidly managed sailing. Windsurfers both use short or long surfboards, depending on their skill level and required adventure level, and attach sails with booms, whose height would also depend on similar criteria as the board. Although practiced as a fun sport and an adventure sport, windsurfing has also made it into the big times with seasonal championships being organized at various locations.

The warm waters of the Maldives and its clear blue visibility coupled with good strong winds during the May to October period make for ideal conditions in which to windsurf. The novelty of being able to see the sea bed, at times, the colorful reef fish and rays swimming just below the board, makes for an added heady experience.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or master-level windsurfer, Maldives offers ideal conditions and stunning scenery and backdrops in which to practice the sport. Any Maldives island hotel will more often than not have the necessary equipment for windsurfing and usually, a Maldives resort such as the luxury Velassaru Maldives will also be able to arrange for a qualified instructor who will be able to join the windsurfer. A stay at such a luxury resort will also ensure that your entire holiday itinerary is well planned and thought out.

So the next time you decide to head off to this island paradise, do not just go for the sun and sea but be prepared to participate in a whole range of water sporting activities.

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