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Private Nursing Colleges are Elevating Health Care Services in Pakistan

Author: Azeem Adam

The advancement in health care services in Pakistan is pretty evident. Successfully getting out of an adverse situation like, pandemic without much suffering and seeing a large number of casualties is a great example of that. Well-equipped health care setups where experienced and capable doctors practice have provided timely medical assistance to afflicted patients and that saved the lives of many. Doctors and consultants are an essential part of any health care unit but these health setups majorly run on the shoulders of well trained and experienced paramedical staff. Paramedics are the most valuable asset for any hospital and a huge credit for the well-being of patients should be given to them.

Most of the tertiary health care units have their own nursing schools

Most of the tertiary health care units have their own nursing schools which train and educate nurses and give them the nursing certifications and degrees. Apart from these hospitals which train the paramedics there are many private nursing colleges in Pakistan which give nurses different certifications and graduate degrees. Some of these private nursing schools in Pakistan are listed.   

  • CMH Institute of Nursing
  • Shalamar Nursing College
  • The Department of Nursing, Superior College 
  • School of Nursing Mayo Hospital
  • Karachi King’s School & College of Nursing
  • New Life School of Nursing
  • ZiaUddin College of Nursing
  • Jinnah College of Nursing
  • Medicare School of Nursing
  • Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing

And the list goes on. All these nursing institutes are somehow associated with a hospital. So that students could also have hands-on training and gain experience which would greatly add up in their learning. For instance Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing is affiliated with Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital which is also known as MASH. 

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is the largest hospital in Multan

MASH is a recently established hospital in the southern part of Punjab. The hospital is located in the city of saints, Multan and caters to natives and a large number of people living in the suburbs of Multan. The hospital is the largest and of its own kind in the vicinity with capacity to accommodate 3000 patients at one time. The administration of the hospital ensures that all the diseases and problems are addressed and treated here. Hence they have equipped the hospital with all the latest machinery and have the best doctors practicing. Along with that it has well- trained and learned paramedical staff.

Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing 

The administration of MASH knows that any good hospital is impossible to run without a good paramedical staff hence the administration puts great emphasis on the training of paramedics. MASH has established a nursing school which is situated inside the premises of the hospital. And made it compulsory for every nurse serving in the hospital to attain certification from the nursing school. If the nurses don’t get certified from the school they may not be able to work in the hospital. Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing have the best trainers coming from all over. Who are fully devoted to train the nursing students and pass on their knowledge to them.

MASH arranges special sessions for nursing students with international nursing associations

MASH organizes special sessions every year or every six months in collaboration with international nursing associations. In these sessions paramedics from all around the world gather at one place and there the exchange of knowledge and practices occurs. Which opens many new doors of learning for every nurse attending. MASH is certainly pushing health care services in Pakistan. Step forward each day by providing state of the art facilities under one roof. This is why Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing is considered one of the best among many government and private nursing colleges in Pakistan. Other nursing institutes should also incorporate such practices. So no matter which nursing school a student graduates from, they all must have international standard learning and exposure. 

Future of nursing in Pakistan

Nursing happens to be a very noble profession but somehow in Pakistan it doesn’t get the respect which it should have. In terms of financial benefits this profession is not highly paid as well. The decision makers of the country should do something about it which would encourage more people to come and join this field. And that would automatically enhance its reputation, which would greatly benefit our health department.   

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