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Outbound Links to Authority Sites – Is It Effective for SEO

Author: Chris Greenwalty

With the help of outbound links, you can direct visitors to your website to other websites. These links are different from inbound links. The inbound links send visitors to other pages on your website. On the other hand, outbound links send visitors to entirely different websites. When you link to other websites on your website, they are the outbound links. It is a fact that external links pass more value than internal links. Search engines say that if other people are talking about your website, it means that your website is sharing interesting content. Here, we will discuss the importance of outbound links to the SEO of your website.

Are Outbound Links to Authority Sites Effective for SEO?

Google’s John Mueller has shared his views about the practice of external links to authority sites. John Mueller has discussed the background of this practice. Moreover, he has also explained Google’s point of view about this practice. Most SEO professionals think that if you outbound links to authority websites, these links will provide help to rank better. Anyhow, they can’t provide the basis of this claim. To provide the basis for this claim, they have to show the publications of Google. Brett Tabke is one of the fathers of modern SEO. He has made this kind of claim in his research paper. In this paper, he has talked about hub score and authority score. The sites that link to authority websites are hubs. The search engines assign hub scores to these sites.

The linked websites are the authority websites. That’s why he has assigned authority scores to these websites. These ideas of Brett Tabke had gained the attention of the SEO community. They have taken these ideas without further research and investigation. The SEO professionals have called this algorithm as HITS algorithm. Some SEO professionals knew that this kind of algorithm didn’t exist. Anyhow, they had believed that Google will take it in the future. Later on, Brett Tabke has also published his guide to getting a high ranking in the SERP. Among these best SEO practices, he has included outbound links to authority sites. Based on these recommendations, we are calling him the father of modern SEO. Most SEO professionals are still giving importance to this SEO practice.

After 19 years, people are still talking about it. When someone asked this question from Google’s John Mueller, he has provided an answer to this question by giving background information. According to John Mueller, people like to use it in the beginning. Some people create spammy websites and create outbound links to authority websites like Wikipedia and CNN. After doing this activity, they hope that search engines will also take this website as a legitimate website. No doubt, people had used this technique in the beginning. According to Google, it was a spam technique. Anyhow, I don’t know either it has worked really for any website. If you are asking about the importance of outbound links to authority websites these days, it will never make any sense.

External Linking Can Be a Good Practice:

After providing background information about this fact, he has provided information about the usefulness of outbound links. Here, Mueller has talked about the usefulness of this fact. According to Mueller, if you have the best quality content on your website, this technique may provide value to your website. Google will think that the whole structure of your website is making good sense. It will show that your website is authentic. From our point of view, if you are trying to enhance the value of the spam website by using this technique, it will never change anything. Anyhow, we are not talking about it from the algorithm point of view. John Mueller has also explained this fact from the algorithm point of view.

According to a dissertation help firm, outbound links to authority websites don’t provide any value to your website from an algorithm point of view. The SEO professional who talks about the importance of this SEO practice doesn’t say anything about why it is important. Google’s John Mueller has also asked this thing from the SEO professionals. They fail to provide evidence from Google about the importance of this SEO technique. Its reason is that Google has never talked about the importance of this SEO practice. Based on the statement of John Mueller’s statement, it is not an effective SEO strategy. Anyhow, it is an effective user experience for us. It’s because you can use it to improve the reputation of your website. Anyhow, if you will provide outbound links to spammy websites, it will reflect a negative impact on the SEO of your website.

You can also use this technique to improve the value of your website. After creating great content for your website, you still require some references. It means that you want to make this experience rewarding for the users. It is also the best way to encourage backlinks for your website. For example, if you are providing quality outbound links to authority websites, you can easily link to your website. This will also send a signal to other websites that you want to participate in the natural link building process of this website. When you will get links from these websites, you can easily engage the website owners in the website’s content. This kind of SEO strategy is an indirect way to boost up the ranking of your website. Moreover, it is also the best way to improve the perceived authority of your website.


As an SEO professional, you may not complete a web post without providing outbound links. Some SEO professionals give suggestions that if we will provide outbound links to authority websites, we can enhance the ranking of our website. Google’s John Mueller has explained this fact. According to him, this kind of SEO strategy doesn’t last any impact on improving the ranking of a website. In the past, some people have used this technique. Anyhow, they do have no evidence about the importance of this strategy in SEO. SEO professionals can use it to get some indirect SEO benefits. For example, they can optimize the user experience of their websites by using this technique. It is also the best way to encourage the other website owners to link back to your websites.

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