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List of Top 10 best intermediate colleges in Pakistan

Author: Azeem Adam

Have you passed your school and are looking for college? This article is for you. I am going to provide you with the list of best colleges in Pakistan to pursue your career. Before going to the list of colleges let me explain to you what the word college means.


The word college is derived from the Latin word “Collegium” which means an educational institute. In other words you can say that a college is a place to gain knowledge and a degree to go along with your dreams. College is meant to provide you with undergraduate education but it is considered the backbone of education because the majority of the students decide their passion in college. So, you should select yours very carefully.

List of Top government Intermediate Colleges In Pakistan

  • Government College University Lahore
  • Forman’s Christian College Lahore
  • Army Public School and College System
  • Aitchison College
  • Kinnaird College

List of Best Private Colleges In Pakistan

  • Punjab Group of Colleges
  • Kips College 
  • Riphah International College
  • Aspire College

There is no doubt that the government colleges are best to gain knowledge and to boost up your personality along with your character grooming. Getting enrolled in any of the government colleges is not an easy task. Every student wishes to get admitted in one of the government colleges but only few get their dream fulfilled due to the high merit for enrollment. I’ll give you introduction to some of the best government colleges in Pakistan

Government College university:

Government College university is also known as GCU Lahore. It is one of the oldest knowledge firms of Pakistan. GCU Lahore offers admission in FA, FSC and ICS. Thousands of students try to get admission in GC but very few get passed through its gates. It is also known to be home to many great leaders of Pakistan. If you are a hard working student and have at least 90% marks then you should try your luck in GCU.

Forman’s Christian College:

The 2nd college in our list is Forman’s Christian College normally known as FC college. This college was established in 1864 and since then produced a lot of giant brains of this nation. It has a very good repute in the market. The merit of FC is almost similar to GCU.

Army Public School and College System:

APSACS is the short form of army public school and college system. This college works under the provision of the federal board. It is situated in almost every cant of Pakistan. With such a numerous number of campuses APSACS has maintained its standards very well. Majority of the army officers who had served and serving currently belong to APSACS.

Aitchison College:

This giant is at number four on our list. Aitchison proved itself to be the best school and college to carry on with a healthy career. This is considered to be the ideal institute from 1st to intermediate.

Kinnaird College:

Kinnaird is at number 5 in our top colleges. This college is only for women and is providing phenomenal education to them along with all modern day facilities. To get admitted to this college you have to be a topper because its merit is higher than almost every above mentioned college.

If you were not a bright student in your school or you don’t have the marks to get admitted to any of the above colleges don’t get disappointed. There are a lot of private colleges in Pakistan that will cost you more than usual but will get you on the right path of success. So let’s start by introducing the best Private Colleges in Pakistan.

Punjab Group of Colleges:

Punjab group of colleges commonly known as PGC is one of the largest groups of colleges in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular intermediate colleges with a very good reputation to hold. Punjab college has its own school system and a vast network of universities all over Pakistan. It helps students to continue with one group from the beginning of their career till the end.

Kips College:

Knowledge in preparatory school in the abbreviation of KIPS. This institute has proven itself to be one of the best with a significant number of students enrolled. This institute started from an academy but now has branches in every major city of Pakistan.

Riphah International College:

Riphah international college is at number 3 on our list of best private colleges in Pakistan. This college has proven itself to be worthy for this position with the significant amount of enrollments and huge campuses in almost every major city of Pakistan.

Aspire College:

Aspire College is considered to be the giant of the future as it is working very hard on its growth and providing phenomenal results in the form of brighter students. This college is capturing the eye of many bright students with its excellent faculty, extra curricular activities and phenomenal campuses in almost every major city of Pakistan.

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