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7 was to find your next idea for blog posts

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Are you stuck trying to write a blog post?

7 ways to find your next idea for blog post 
Just looking at that blank computer screen, no idea of the next letter you are going to type.
Well, if that’s your case, you have come to the right place.
Here at forttech we give you the best web dev tutorials and guides, and that’s why we have written this just for you, a thousand people may read this post but it may just be meaningful to just you and that is why i need you to pay serious attention to understand it better, without further ado let’s get to the point.
Idea for blog post
Blog posting is not an easy job, especially for beginners, but on the long run you’ll get better and more professional, then, you’ll find out how easy content writing is,

After reading this post you will get your next idea for blog post in less than 10 minutes, There are many methods to find idea for a blog post but we are only going to discuss some of them, starting with tools method.

Using tools

like: ubersuggest

ubersuggest-content ideas

You can get thousands of content ideas from other recommended blog posts and even create a better one, and with ubersuggest you can-

Find the exact content that attracts SEO traffic.
Identify the winning content that generates traffic
  • Topic ideas – get a list of topics that attract SEO and social traffic
  • Keywords – see the keywords being used by competitors
  • Visits – see the amount of traffic being generated by a page

Ask your audience

Asking your audience is a very great way of getting idea for blog post and even engaging your readers, You can simply create a form for post suggestions or maybe in a post you can request for recommendations for next blog post in the comment section

Check out your competitors

Checking out your competitors post can give you ideas of your next blog post, you may not copy the topic or the content, but checking can give you similar ideas

Keyword research

Using a keyword research tool like semrush or ahrefs, you can use their magic tool and type in your main target keyword or your sub-niche name and you can get ideas from their suggested keywords e.g Using semrush magic tool you can type in your main target keyword like pets, and then you’ll get keyword suggestions like pets disease, then you can write a blog post on pets disease.

Ask from the internet

Keep a list of ideas

Keeping a list of ideas can be very helpful even in a worksheet, some days you will have thousands of ideas going through your head and some days you’ll have none, keeping a list of ideas can help in the days of need.


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