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How to install WordPress on localhost offline in 10 minutes

Do you want to create a website but you have a very limited internet connection,if you are that person,today is your lucky day,just follow the steps below and get everything running in less than 10 minutes,let’s get started.

Step 1-Get a localhost server

Go to google and search xampp,enter the site,go to the menu and click the download section,then choose your OS (operating system) and click download,once downloaded install it or extract it for the compressed version,after installation open it to make sure it runs properly.

Step 2-Download WordPress

Go to,Go to the menu and click get WordPress,scroll down to download WordPress.

After downloading WordPress, extract it using WinRAR or any other application,after extraction you’ll see a folder named WordPress,copy it to the folder “xampp/ht-docs” which was set during installation,the default installation directory is “C:/xampp or D:/xampp” depending on your disk drive label letter,after everything the path should be something like this-“C:/xampp/WordPress”

Step 3-install and setup WordPress

Go to your xampp installation directory,open the control panel and start all services

Go to your web browser and enter the URL “localhost/WordPress” alternative method:-

Open your web browser click F6 and Type “localhost/WordPress,then you’ll see an installation screen,create your preffered credentials e.g username, password and proceed to the next page with the blue button on the bottom right corner,then your site then your site is accessible,to access your website enter the URL “localhost/WordPress” and to go to your WordPress dashboard enter the URL “localhost/WordPress/wp-admin”

Now the next step is to design your website

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