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How to improve seo with title and meta description

How to improve seo: As search traffic continue to improve and grow bigger,These days one of the best traffic method is search traffic which usually occur using a search engine and is mostly done with google which own most of the popularity and market share,we focus more on google because we think it’s still the best.



How to improve seo: A title is in most cases the first text the user will seo when using a search engine,the title tells the user what topic you want to discuss about.

How to improve seo: using a very meaningful title makes the user want to click on your site even if that’s not the exact topic he/she is searching for.


Tip 1: use an attractive title

using an attractive title increases CTR% (click through rate) which boost your rankings higher and of course increase your traffic.

Tip 2: use numbers in the title e.g
8 ways to reduce your belly fat
10 tips to creating a successful business
you can see popular examples like:
1000 ways to die

Tip 3: use “how to” e.g
How to eat with my mouth closed
How to tie a knot
for examples when you search google for forttechonline you’ll see our title as how to create a website

Tip 4: Don’t give too much information e.g
how to get to work early by buying a car
In that case above the phrase ‘buying a car’ is not necessary because you’ve already give out the information and most people wont click your site.


Meta description is very similar to the title,but in this case meta description describes what it’ll be like when it’s clicked,using an attractive and meaningful meta description is also very important for the site and also improves the CTR as we talked about above.

How to improve seo


You can easily edit the meta title and description yoast seo plugin for wordpress users.

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