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How blog make money-11 ways to earn money with your blog

how blog makes money

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Are you looking for legit ways to make money online with your website or blog, below are most of the efficient ways to answer the question “How blog make money “,we at forttech use most of the methods mentioned below.
Note: These are not get rich methods but using about two methods or more can equally get you some extra cash.

Method 1:Promote an affiliate product

How blog make money

Method 1– Promote an affiliate product

The first method is promoting an affiliate product, There are numerous affiliate programs, some of which are:

Click bank
Digistore 24
Share a Sale
Commission Junction

They are all free to sign-up for and they offer a huge list of products you can choose from; There are also standalone programs available to join, They allow you to advertise only their products and nothing more, examples are:

Get response

Most web hosting companies have an affiliate programs and their payout rate per sign-up can vary from around $60-$110,depends on the web host provider and the number of sales made, So for example:

If you make 5(five) affiliate sale per day from san affiliate program like bluehost that would be $60 x 5 per day which will result to $300 per day, If we multiply it by 30 days (1 month)=$300 x 30 = $9000 per month which is not a bad earning per month.

You can add affiliate links on any post but most affiliate link doesn’t look so nice so you can use a link shortener  like or you can use a plugin like THIRSTY AFFILILIATES.-How blog make money

Method 2: Create a business directory

Method 2- Create a business directory

Secondly you can advertise listings in your website, people look for business recommendations and advertisers will pay to have their self or their business on the list, using a wordpress plugin like BUSINESS DIRECTORY plugin will help ease all stress in creating a business directory.-How blog make money

Method 3: Sell ad space

Method 3- Sell ad space

Selling ad space on a website is a brilliant way to make money with your blog or website, ads can be placed in strategic places like Header, footer, sidebar, popups, notifications and even in emails; used by most developed websites with lots of traffic, it is most beneficial to websites with over 50,000 visitors per day.

Ads can be paced in many formats, mostly seen as banners and text ;Advertisers will pay for ads displayed for a certain period of time or sometimes on bigger sites per CPM (cost per 1000) views or CPC (cost per click),using a wordpress plugin like advance ads will automate the process and make the setup easier.-How blog make money

Method 4: Offer services

Method 4- Offer services

You can offer services in things you are good at like website design, graphic design, app development, game development and many others, so if you basically run a blog you just need to create a hire us page with payment system using a plugin like wp invoice.

 You can choose a default method from 2 check out, stripe, paypal, credit card or interkassa payment gateways to use bitcoin as a payment method you simply need to go to coinbase commerce and add a code to your site.

Sometimes people use their own blog to advertise their freelance service gig on third party platforms like fiverr,  upwork, freelancer.-How blog make money

Method 5: Sell physical products

Method 5- Sell physical products

It is also very possible to sell physical products like T-shirts, 3d models or if you run a blog as a way for extra inco

me you probably have a job or something you are selling advertising it can yield more sales, so basically you will be promoting physical products on your site which sounds good to me.

Using a wordpress plugin like woo-commerce will enhance the usability and automate the process thee are few other alternative plugins like big commerce or shopify.
For a more detailed tutorial read this- how to start an online store.-How blog make money

Method 6: Write sponsored posts

Method 6- Write sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are widely used on most of the popular blogs and can yield great result, Clients simply pa for their content to be published on your blog as a blog post content which are mostly reviews of a product or service or some kind of advertisement.-How blog make money

Method 7: Sell digital products

Method 7- Sell digital products

Similar to a physical product, a digital product can not be seen or touched physically also related to a hardware and software, the differences are similar, so in this methods you can sell digital products like e-book, online courses, plans and subscriptions, for example neil patel

a.) makes more than 7000 dollars a week from a pro subscription of ubersuggest. Here are some recommendations on selling a digital product:

E-book: use woo commerce to ease the process and for digital downloads.
Online course: Use an L.M.S plugin(learning management system) like LEARN DASH to ease the process.-How blog make money

Method 8: Display advertisement from ad networks

Method 8- Display ad from ad networks

Displaying advertisement from ad networks is probably the best option for beginners because you don’t need to get clients; unarguably the best ad network is google adsense there are a few other alternatives like, although you need to get approval from the ad network to be sure your site is ready to display ads(Not all ad networks need approval).

They pay by C.P.C (Cost Per Click),which is per every click a user make on the ad displayed a certain amount will be paid to you, C.P.C price rate can vary, mostly at the rate of $0.005 per click which means the R.P.M is $5,so that is: On a thousand click,$5 will be paid to you as an example, depending on the C.P.C rate.-How blog make money

Method 9: Website flipping

Method 9- Website fllipping

Website flipping is a large money making business, which can yield an average of $100,000,basically you will create a site and develop it till a certain level and then sale it to a buyer who will from then own the site after agreement and payment has been made; The level of traffic and revenue the site gains determines the worth of the site.

There are several website marketplace nut the most reliable and most popular is FLIPPA, Flippa is a well known site and has handled large deals on website sale.-How blog make money

Method 10: Create a paid membership site

Method 10- Create a paid membership website

Creating a paid membership is simply making people a member of a site or letting people sign up for your website but after a certain amount of money paid to be a member; mostly paid because of a restricted content, which is some features or content will be available only to members of a site.

Plugins like MEMBER PRESS will do the job, combining it with LEARN DASH will make it perfect.-How blog make money

Method 11: Donations

Method 11- Donations

Accepting donation is another easy way to make money; no work, just by asking for it; But your reader must be assured that you deserve it first; To easily accept donations, you can create a form with WP FORMS, Add paypal donate button or add skrill donate button.-How blog make money




We have now analyzed 11 ways to answer the question “How blog make money”. Here is the summary:



how blog makes money


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