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Five marketing strategies for financial advisors

Author: Jack Reacher

A financial advisor’s daily job is to develop business relationships. More business equals greater profits. You have more accounts to open, more referrals to request, and more potential customers to meet. You have the world at your disposal when it comes to growing your business. But only if you are willing to work hard for the rewards.


Now, do you want to know How Financial Advisors Get Clients?

Asking for references from clients is a great way to find new business.  if that’s not enough to get new business? You need to look beyond the traditional ways to market your business. This includes the use of the Internet, showing customers you care for them, and learning from colleagues.

These are five ways you can market your business and yourself.

Host a customer event

Instead of asking for referrals from your existing customers and then having to follow them up, why not let them in a customer event? A customer event is a great way of showing appreciation to your customers and building a relationship with them. It also allows you to meet potential customers.

Ask customers to bring a guest. Every additional customer could open a new account. It is easier to follow up with prospects that you have already met in person than it is to call cold from a contact.

Start a blog

A blog is a great way of sharing your knowledge, sharing useful information, and gaining visibility in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Blog posts that are related to keywords can help you be found by customers who type those words into the search engine. A blog is like a book. It’s tangible and gives you credibility as someone searches for your name in Google.

Join social media

Cold calling and asking for referrals are limited in their reach. LinkedIn and other social media networks allow you to reach all your connections in one action. It is a more efficient way to communicate and share information with customers.

Social media networks can also help you find new connections based on shared interests such as location, past employers, skills, or other common connections.

Get involved in small business think tanks

You should not miss the chance to be a part of a charitable-minded group. These groups are online management equivalents to a book club. A group of professionals with a common interest (e.g., financial advisors in the investment sector) comes together to share their best practices, brainstorm new ideas and discuss their businesses. They also look for ways to work together. It is a great way for new people to meet, to help others, and to learn new ways of improving day-to-day operations.

Why not create one? To expand your digital marketing strategy, join other financial advisors on LinkedIn and start brainstorming. Each week, set a time and choose a topic for discussion. These online groups offer the opportunity to connect with professionals from other areas than your own.

Participate in local networking events

Attending local networking events is a great way to expand your circle of influence and meet professionals from your community. To find out if your local chamber of commerce or small business association has regular networking events, contact them.

You can also search for your city on LinkedIn to find associations and groups in your area. Your name and title will appear before all members whenever you ask a question or answer a question in these groups. It’s an easy way to make new friends, promote yourself and expand your professional network.

The bottom line

These strategies can be used by advisors to increase their online and/or offline marketing efforts to grow their practice.


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