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Best spy glasses

Best spy glasses

In some cases, spy glasses can record adequately, but their lens placement is quite obvious. It may or may not be a problem. These glasses are used by many people who don’t care if other people know they are recording. 


The alternative to spy glasses are spy apps that can be used if you want to spy on applications or cell phones.


It might even be a good idea to let people know that you are recording. However, choosing a good pair of spy glasses isn’t easy as there are so many subtle details to consider.


Top spy glasses

  • KAMRE Sunglasses Camera
  • OhO Sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses
  • MingSung Video Sunglasses.


KAMRE Sunglasses Camera


In terms of appearance, KAMRE glasses are pretty standard. It is doubtful that too many people will object to these fair lenses given their differing opinions about fashion. Comfort was taken into consideration. These aren’t just sunglasses. They are sunglasses with a camera attached to them. KAMRE Sunglasses Camera comes in two versions. Standard lenses are used in the first version of the camera, while wide-angle lenses are used in the second one. It is much easier to capture certain types of interactions, like conversations, with a narrower lens.


Build & Design


A durable ABS plastic frame wraps around the eyewear, which was partly chosen for its impact resistance. These eyeglasses have a slight rubber coating, which makes them comfortable to wear. Also, they weigh about two ounces, which is pretty light for sunglasses of this kind. KAMRE glasses operate with a single button, letting you record material with a single press. When you are recording, the brightness indicator on the sunglasses’ left arm will begin to flash. It will remain on while it is on standby. Micro SD cards are required for recording data, but none is included. Micro SD cards can be up to 32 GB.


Outside the left arm is the operation button. Keeping the button pressed for two seconds will start up the camera and start automatically recording. After you start recording, you can save or stop it again by pressing the button again. Your camera will enter standby mode after saving the video. Then you can record by tapping the screen a second time. A bit complicated initially, but you’ll figure it out quickly.


Video Power


With KAMRE sunglasses, 1080p HD video can be recorded. You can capture 65 degrees with the classic version of these shades. It’s well hidden, but the audio quality is quite good despite the small microphone port. Though it isn’t well shielded from the wind, it picks up the wearer’s voice with exceptional clarity. There is not much that you can call modern or user-friendly about the configuration of the glasses. Modifying the text file on the memory card involves editing the generated file. Most people will not be interested in this level of effort.


OhO Sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses


The OhO Sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses come in two versions. Specifically, the first version is built around a standard smoke lens that protects you from light without totally making your eyes invisible. Smoke lenses resemble sunglasses. They look muted and comfortable. In addition to the pairs created the way they are, the second pair is constructed with silver mirror lens frames, which reflect light for people who are watching you. The reflective lenses try to look more stylish than those constructed around silver mirror lenses. The rest of the features are the same between the two pairs.


Build & Design


They are the first video glasses to come with an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring that you can do anything except plunge them into a pool. Surfers and motorists do not need to worry if the weather is rainy. They are impact-resistant, and the lenses are as well. UV protection is also available with the lenses. This pair is built around a one-button operation, similar to the MingSung video and KAMRE sunglasses. All you have to do is tap the glasses to turn them on. You can also capture photos, receive vibration alerts, and start capturing videos with a few more taps. 


Even though the recording indicator is hidden, so you can’t see it, you’ll know it’s on when you remove your glasses. Approximately one hour of footage is recorded to 32GB memory. The memory for these glasses is built-in, so there’s no need to bring your SD card. Using the USB cable that comes with the glasses, content can be retrieved as needed.


Video Power


OhO Sunshine glasses record in 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, just like the other spy glasses on this list. The frame rate of typical broadcast television is just a little bit above that. You can also capture photos in that resolution. There aren’t many spy glasses that can take photos. Taking nice pictures can be tricky, however, since you need to stay relatively still while photographing.


MingSung Video Sunglasses


MingSung’s Video Sunglasses look pretty normal, like something you might see a fisherman or cyclist wear. This unisex design is suitable for either men or women; however, it might be argued that the glasses lean a little masculine. A simple one-button design makes MingSung’s glasses simple to operate. Pressing the button appears to be adjusting the glasses, so it’s placed discreetly out of the way. In addition to recording a wide field of view, the built-in camera uses a wide-angle lens to capture images. It’s almost like a panoramic camera.


Build & Design


They are lightweight, durable, and comfortable, just like any great pair of glasses. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that every component is non-allergenic and impact-resistant. You’ll appreciate their temperature resistance as well if you’re recording in extreme temperatures. They’re also waterproof. They block out UV, and blue light since their 1.8mm lenses are polarized.


A pair of MingSung Video Sunglasses weigh 7 ounces, making it quite heavy for a pair of sunglasses. Although the weight is striking at first, it does not affect their comfort or stability when worn. Although people with larger heads may feel uncomfortable, their universal size matches their universal design.


Video Power


A 10-megapixel sensor like this would be found in most $50 smartphones, but it’s surprisingly impressive nonetheless. Compared to most smartphones, dual stereo microphones offer a fair amount of noise reduction for your audio recordings. Lens coverage is 110 degrees. When you run down a sidewalk, the camera can capture what’s in your peripheral vision. A wide-angle is often the best choice if you aren’t sure what you want the lens to focus on.




Sunglasses with a wide-angle lens like MingSung Video Sunglasses are a good option. It’s good to record videos of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and motorcycling. Even though the KAMRE Sunglasses Camera is inexpensive, it still offers all the essential features needed for polarized spy glasses. You can get the best eyewear aesthetic with OhO Sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses. 

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