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8 necessary things in the car

Author: John Matthew

According to statistics, a driver spends a considerable part of his time in his car – getting to and from work, driving around the city in search of necessary purchases, and going on a long journey. Also, statistics say that the driver in the family drives at least 4-5 days a week. It is for this reason that we offer you a selection of 6 necessary things in the car.

  1. Change of clothes

Setting off in the morning in your favorite car, sometimes you cannot foresee a situation when you have no time left to drive home and change on a sudden invitation to a party. That is why we advise you to always have a change of clothes in your car to be ready for any situation in life.

  1. Adhesive tape

Of course, it is basically impossible to fix anything in a car with adhesive tape. However, not being a mechanic, you may well need this magic “magic wand” to temporarily repair minor breakdowns in the car, at least to get to the nearest service station.

  1. Carpet rags

You will be surprised how the ordinary remnants of the old carpet from your house or summer cottage can come in handy in bad weather. If suddenly your car stalls in the mud or snow, just put carpet rags under the wheels, and you will get a chance to quickly get out and continue your journey. This method may not always be applicable, however. Still, you should use such simple advice and warn yourself against a possible hour-long downtime in bad weather far from the city.

  1. Fire extinguisher

This point, in principle, cannot be discussed. However, a fire extinguisher is not just an obligatory thing in a car; it can one day save your life, as well as save the “life” of your and someone else’s car. So, it is imperative and necessary to carry a fire extinguisher in the vehicle. Therefore, we advise you not to neglect this rule.

  1. Warm blanket

Having a warm blanket in stock at any time of the year protects yourself and your passengers from hypothermia. Moreover, you can never foresee spending the night in the car, especially if you have gone on a long journey. The night will overtake you wherever you are, and even the hottest summer cannot guarantee that you will not freeze at night without a blanket. And by the way, we don’t think about the possibility of arranging a picnic in a forest clearing near the highway in the company of a girl.

  1. Spare wheel in the trunk

The climate and the roads in the UAE will either naturally boost you with a sense of adrenaline or put you in a mood for a long slow drive with low-fi hip-hop music playing with the bass turned up! If you can’t find corresponding tyres at the nearest outlet, you can also shop for tyres online in Dubai.

  1. Piggybank with money

Anything can happen on the road. You may suddenly need to buy medicines and water and even, God forbid, use the services of a tow truck. Of course, you can answer that your wallet is always with you. However, can’t you forget it at a gas station, in a cafe or just at home? Use the advice and start a piggy bank with a small amount of money in your car, into which you sometimes throw off change. Who knows, maybe one day this very piggy bank will save your life!

  1. Waze App

One of the most famous road navigation apps. Noticeably and favorably distinguishes the program from competitors in that it works voluntarily and is free. Each traffic participant who has this application installed can fill Waze with information – sending information about the location of the traffic police, reports of accidents, traffic jams, and even fuel prices in a particular place. The application works on OS Android and iOS 6.0 and later.

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